PROFILE Hendrik Robert Hijlkema

Is consultant and projectmanager for Hyproba. The activities are advising and accompanying organisations in organisational - and procesdesign in the food industry. Hendrik Hijlkema (32) is specialized in the Poultry Processing Industry, because he has worked for seven years in the largest and most modern poultry processing company in the Netherlands.

Experience and projectreferences in:

  • Technical and organisational (re)design or improvement of poultry processing companies
  • Feasibility study on alternative processing animal byproducts
  • Quickscan or company audit poultry processing companies
  • Plantmanager on a slaughterhouse which processed more than 180.000 birds a day
  • Projectmanager in the buildingproces of a pilotplant for the processing of animal byproducts

Also experienced in Energymarkets, environmental issues, rendering, etc.


Name:   Drs. Hendrik Robert Hijlkema
Date and place of birth:   19 juli 1972 te Marum
Adress:   Zwaan 32
Postal code/ City:   9861 HJ Grootegast
phone:   0594-658940
Mobiel:  06 50526500
Fax:  (0594) 658939

Finished 1997 University of Groningen:
Technical and Business Administration